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Grand Canyon of Marafa from Watamu

Program :
History :

The grand canyon is located in the small town of Marafa, north west of Malindi.
The legend says that there was a very rich family who lived in Marafa. a lot of parties and when it was left to eat, they burned it or threw it on the ground, while the neighboring families were very poor and starved, so they washed with milk instead of water, while poor people were dying of thirst, finally the God got angry and sent a big fire to burn the village.The poor thought it was the devil who was cooking and they called it in English "Hell's kitchen" Meaning of the colors of the canyon: Red = Fire and Blood, Yellow = Wealth, and White = Milk.

1st day :

3:00 pm : Departure from the hotel.
4:30 pm : Arrival in Marafa and start of the visit in the canyon.
5:20 pm : Visit of African houses.
6:30 pm : Sunset on the canyon (ideal for photos).
6:45 pm : Return to Watamu.
7:20 pm : Arrival at the hotel.

Price :

35 € per adult and 15 € per child.

To know :
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